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Friday, April 03, 2020
on 10 March, 2020
 Carissimi confratelli ...

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Rosminian Sisters of Providence, Adopted Sons, and Ascribed members.

I am writing to you at this time of world emergency over the health of so many people.

We have cancelled, for the time being, meetings which were scheduled to take place in Ireland, Italy, and Tanzania during the month of March, thus avoiding possible health risks for ourselves and others.

Since we do not know what the situation will be in the near future, nor do we know who could be directly affected by the illness, I recommend to all, myself included, to take great care of our personal health by following all recommended procedures.

As you know, one awful consequence of this contagious disease is that one extra person infected by it can spread it among many people, all of them requiring the attention of many other persons who will be involved in their care.

If we keep healthy, we contribute to the public health. This is what doctors do, who wear special clothes and who follow the necessary procedures so as not to become contaminated. If they do become infected, they are no longer carers but sick people in need of care. Let us use the spirit of intelligence, without giving way to any form of ostentation. The Constitutions (n.820), The Rule of Life (n.150), the Directory (n.123) can be helpful in our discernment.

Let us not give in to the irresponsible exposition of ourselves and others to risks that are not requested by the Gospel. If the Lord should ask, we shall have to be more generous than usual, and we will be such only with his grace.

The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds. Let us face the present crisis with the utter trust that God can draw from our bodily illness great spiritual rewards.

Rome, 7th March 2020.

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