Lettera Madre October 2019

Lettera Madre October 2019

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …

Via Aurelia, 773

Message accompanying the Distribution.
30 October 2019

My dear Sisters,
At the end of the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October, we welcome a new Distribution:
it gives us an opportunity both at a personal and a community level to reawaken our first ‘yes’ to the Lord; He calls us each new day to follow him, wherever we find ourselves, to be ‘good stewards’ and ‘sent/missionaries’ into his vineyard in being and doing what we can, to build up his Kingdom.
Today we live in an ‘instantaneous’ society where technology is becoming even faster and does not require us to wait, to search in an encyclopaedia, or even think things through, since information of every type is available at the press of a key. At the same time, there is no substitute for reading, listening to and meditating on Word of God, as to his plan and purpose is for our daily lives… In the same way, there is no substitute for the human word communicated between persons.

Communication remains a challenge for us. ‘Online’ contacts continue to increase and links on the web create new social network communities and new places to meet each other. But at the same time, our day-to-day relationships need to be honest and sincere, if we wish to be genuine witnesses, living community life and living the gospel through our charism in fresh and convincing ways.
Bl. Antonio Rosmini, our sure guide, advises us: “Try to be very gentle, both interiorly and in treating with others. … Above all, I urge you to cultivate serenity and a calm mind. Do not entertain too many schemes concerning the future, but go ahead from day to day with clear ideas and the simplicity of the gospel; listen willingly to others and profit by what they have to say. For prudence consists in considering matters under all aspects, not taking a one-sided view. To arrive at this it is necessary to give due weight to the opinions of others, even when their views are opposed to our own”. (AL Vol. 111 lett. 31)
Let us take up anew the invitation and mission entrusted to us in the Distribution of offices 2019-20, fostering collaboration in welcoming the talents and strengths of each Sister, to be awake in glimpsing the mysterious ways of God’s Providence, wherever it occurs. In this way, we weave a web of joyful hope for one another and with the people we encounter in our place of mission.

It is with great joy that, at the start of our Rosminian Year 2019-2020, we announce ‘new missions’ arriving from the hands of Providence and these we entrust to the greater glory of God.
– India/Kerala: PUNALUR, a community of three Sisters.
– Tanzania: in the diocese of NJOMBE in the parish of Kitandahimba, a community of three Sisters.
– Tanzania: in the diocese of KIGOMA, in the parish of Kibondo, a community of four Sisters.
In each place, the Sisters are involved in the Pre-Primary School and in the parish.

We express our gratitude to the Sisters, who for long years have served the Lord with dedication and generosity, in Borgomanero, Opera Pia Curti, and in Rome, Porta Latina.
We ask God to bless these new ‘missions’ and the Sisters who open another page of our history. May they be a blessing in spreading the Gospel of Jesus among the people; in living the charism of Bl. Antonio Rosmini; and in being witnesses of communion in the local Church.

Let us not forget to pray in particular, for our ‘twined community’: in the Distribution, there is an updated ‘twinning’ of Communities.
Happy feast of All Saints.
The feast of All Saints is the feast of our destiny, the feast of our call!
Love, c.m.

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