BORGOMANERO      Casa dell’Addolorata – Via Fornari, 1


The structure was built 60 years ago specifically for the elderly and sick nuns in the garden of the Mother House, when it was realized that a simple infirmary of the convent could no longer suffice.

A beautiful statue of Our Lady of Sorrows with the dead Jesus in her arms gave the name to the House, reminds us of our consecration, gives us strength in hard and difficult moments to overcome.

The community is made up of elderly nuns who have spent their entire lives at the service of their brothers and sisters in charity and simplicity and now need all our care to spend their days serenely waiting for the Father’s House.

Some of them can still put themselves at the service of the most fragile and bedridden; they keep company with those who are permanently in bed, they take care of the liturgy and moments of prayer, they help those who need to be taken, accompanied in the corridors or in the garden, entertained in various ways.

I am with us a nice group of lay people who perform nursing and auxiliary tasks, we gladly welcome volunteers for help and animation.

Our day is full of community and personal prayer: let us remember everyone, but really everyone. Many rely on us!

We also have common moments of recreation in which we talk, sing, play, gladly open the door of the house to the children and young people of our schools and speakers who come from time to time to visit us. They keep us cheerful with their songs and representations, they approach each one with attention and affection.

The superiors of the Congregation, as well as the sisters still in business or at rest in the nearby convent, never fail to come and visit us and it is great joy for us.

Our days are filled with joy and suffering, prayer and knowledge of the daily facts of society; and those who still can do many beautiful crochet and knitting jobs, so we produce many artifacts that we give away or put on sale in banquets prepared if necessary.


Reflecting on the words of Pope Francis “Without memory there is no future”, I like to think of the house of Our Lady of Sorrows “a place of memory”.

We have opened the future wide before us: it is the goal to which we yearn from the bottom of our hearts and fraternally together we hope to achieve it.

It is beautiful for me to remember my dear sister Federica Realini. She had given everything of her life, in a loving service to God and to the girls of the Ravetti Orphanage  in Biella and then elderly and with little physical strength, she arrived confidently and serenely at the house of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The expression of joy with which he greeted his coming to this house remained in my mind and heart: I am at the door of Paradise.

Sister Federica taught me, then I was a young nun, how to live and how to die.

Thank you, dear Sister Federica! Accompany us with your prayers.

Today too, being close to the sisters of the House of Sorrows and remembering so many lives given to the Lord with a simple and generous heart, helps me to look to the future with confidence. I would like others to remember the sisters who lived here with serenity waiting for the Lord.

Sr. Caterina Trotto