COMMUNITY OF Cheriathura


Following the indications of Providence, we, the Rosminian Sisters, began our work of evangelization in 1991 and exactly in Kerala, in the Latin Diocese of TRIVANDRUM which today is an Archdiocese.

The first activity requested by the people to whom we paid great attention, was EDUCATION: a school for the poor in the small part of the country that corresponded, we discovered later, to the eighth part of the city of TRIVANDRUM.  To us then it looked like a small fishing village and nothing more!!! So from then on we called it “city 8”. Consequently we reserved a part of the convent building (the convent was built in 1992) for this purpose.

To meet the needs of children, a special school was built in 1997 and a few years later, in 2004, a second large building was put in place to make up for the growing number of children in kindergarten and elementary schools of which Sr. was in charge. Maristella Vaz. By God’s grace and with hard work, sacrifices and even many tears, he not only slowly and steadily grew the school, but also earned it a good reputation before passing the post to the new Principal Sr. M. Grace Joseph. In these years it has been a real pleasure to observe the good relationships maintained with many former students who inform us about their successes and their positive goals achieved, thanks to the good training received in their beloved School.

The Rosmini Convent School  is a private school that still works hard to be recognized by the Government. It is a hard struggle but, trusting in Providence, we are sure that the victory will be ours and we hope soon! Four of our Sisters, including the Headmaster, work in the School together with a teaching staff of 23 lay teachers, a secretariat and three general service workers.
 The school also provides two buses with its own drivers for the service to students from the surrounding areas.

From the beginning the Sisters began to participate in the pastoral activities of the parish and continue their mission much appreciated today by the population in teaching the Catechism, preparing the faithful for the Sacraments, providing their competence at the parish and diocesan level, participating in the meetings of the Unitary and Parish Council, visiting families and treating the sick and needy according to our possibilities. Special attention is given to families and catechesis with programs designed at various levels that not only keep people’s faith lively and active but make Sunday Eucharistic celebrations full of meaning and sources of spiritual life. Our Sisters take part in all the various activities that first enrich themselves.



DREAMS – Urgent needs:


Because we are not a recognized school, we lose many children every year. We ask for your precious prayers so that we may obtain the necessary recognition of our school.

There are also material needs: we hope to have another school bus that can serve children from different surrounding areas.

We urgently need two computers for children since we currently only have two computers. The third is almost out of order.

As our school is growing, it is necessary to have a well-equipped library for consultation and research work and a scientific laboratory that is totally missing in our school.

The playing field needs urgent attention, so that it can serve its purpose for children. Work is currently underway to obtain a new plot of land to be able to add new classrooms.



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