11February 2015: 2 Perpetual Professions and 1 First Profession brought new life to the Congregation … Let us thank the Lord together! It was a beautiful celebration with 25 concelebrants, perhaps never had so many priests so … with six Rosminians!!! Thank you very much for your closeness that has made everything go well. It was a moment of true fraternal joy shared with so many sisters and lay people as well. The three sisters Sr.M. Christina, Sr.M. Cecilia and Sr.M. Agnese thank you warmly and pray for you. A strong hug from me with affection and gratitude.

Today is a great joyful day full of grace, a memorable day and an event for the sisters of Providence and especially for the Region of India of the Rosminian sisters. For on this bright and dawning day two of the Rosminian sisters of the community of Vettuthura professed their perpetual vows and a novice from the community of Cheriathura professed her first vows. For this special occasion the Mother General of the Sisters of Providence, Rev. Sr. Mary Antonietta Toomey and the Vicar General Rev.Sr. Carla Cattoretti have come to Vettuthura.

The presence of these two authoritative figures has increased the time of joy in the Rosminian sisters present here. The celebration began at 11 am in the church of Vettuthura with a Eucharistic celebration. All the priests present there with the head of the celebration moved in procession towards the church with the two sisters and the novice. The church was filled with several congregations of sisters and the faithful. The church choir spread through it with its melody spiritual vibrations. The newly built church added joy to this moment. Monsignor Eugin H. Periera, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Trivandrum was the main celebrant and with his homily spoke to the hearts of the three sisters about the vows and the importance of abandonment and sacrifice. Sr. Mary Christina Bennachan and St. Maria Cecilia Jospeh professed their perpetual vows and the novice Aji hristudas her first vows in the presence of the Rev. Mother General – Sr. Mary Antonietta Toomey.

All those present prayed for the two perpetually professed when they prostrated themselves before the altar during the litany of the Saints. At the end Sr. Maria Christina thanked all those present with a short message. That was the end of the Mass. After Mass the sisters offered a delicious lunch for everyone like Jesus who had managed to feed five thousand people.

Thus ended the celebration but a new life and a journey began for the three Rosminian sisters and we wish them all the best: May God bless them in abundance.