Comunità di domodossola





DOMODOSSOLA -VB-       Monastero – Via P. Silva, 19 – 28845

Scuole Rosmini – Via Mattarella, 5

We are in Domodossola, at the foot of the Sacred Mount Calvary, cradle of the Institute. At the Sacro Monte Calvario there is the CELLA where Rosmini made Lent in 1828 and wrote the Constitutions of the Institute of Charity. Looking at the top of the Mount, at the Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix, climbing the hill with the chapels of the Via Crucis, is taking us to the origins.

The Monastery is the first Central House of the Sisters of Providence and has been inhabited by the Rosminian Sisters since 1834. It was called the Central House because it gathered together all the Sisters for the annual Exercises once a year, around the Dearest Mother Sr.  M.Giovanna Antonietti.
We are a community of 10 sisters and in our community project we find agreement and growth of communion, despite the variety of services and ministries.

Some are elderly and do not perform external activities. Consequently, the priority apostolic commitment is community and personal prayer, acceptance of the limitations and hardships proper to old age: a hidden offering and service for the Church, for the Pope, for the Institute and in support of those who work on the front line for the spread of the Gospel. We also devote ourselves, according to the forces and the need, to the reorganization of the house and to the housework.

We offer some services to the parish in the animation of catechesis and as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. We visit some elderly people who are lonely and sick.

Three sisters carry out their service in the Antonio Rosmini Institute, in via Mattarella, with three types of school: kindergarten, primary school, first and second grade secondary school, high school of human sciences with an economic and social address.

We wish to be a welcoming community and we make available the many and large rooms of the Monastery for requests that come to us from groups for gatherings, prayer meetings or other, organized by them.
In our church the community of the Orthodox meets for their liturgy, then some stop to have lunch.
Every Friday we take care of Eucharistic adoration in our chapel, from 8 am to 8 pm; we participate in it with some lay people who take turns taking turns.

In the winter months the group of ascribed Ossolani (nuns, ascribed, fathers) are held in the Monastery; not at the Sacred Mount Calvary especially for the snow.

The USMI also carries out monthly retreats for the sisters of the area, as well as the retreat organized by the diocesan USMI of Novara.
The excellent acoustics of our church allows the performance of some concerts with a religious background especially during the Christmas period.


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