milano.stemma.png COMMUNITY OF MILAN

Scuola Materna, Servizio Parrocchiale, Oratorio
Via Pier Luigi da Palestrina 11 – 20124 – Milano (MI) –

The SS. Redentore nursery school began on September 10  , 1940, responding to the invitation of the then Monsignor Carlo Coccini, parish priest of the Parish Church. The direction of the school was then entrusted to the Congregation of the Rosminian Sisters until the year 2000, then becoming a parish kindergarten. The sisters remained at the service of the parish and the school itself by residing in the same building

It is located in a central area of the city, in the vicinity of the Central Station, a place of passage for many people from different countries and bearers of social problems that also involve the community. Ambrosian territory rich in missionary spirit, evangelization, liturgy and catechesis for any age with an engaging and efficient network.

The area, the neighborhood, the parish almost always seek and find answers to the eventualities that arise from time to time: it is a daily charity that expresses Christian attention to the residents and the least.

Currently in the community share the mission four Rosminian Sisters, Sister Monica, Sister Rosa Dominica, Sister Marta, and Sister Cristina.

In the Parish of the Most Holy Redeemer, in the nursery school with the families of the children, in the oratory with the boys and young people, in the various parish groups they are a significant presence.

We particularly participate in the most varied activities of the parish oratory aimed at leisure, parties, summer activities.

As ministers of the Eucharist we are present at every Sunday Mass and in the visit to families. The parish is vast and there are many elderly people who are sick or alone. It is a service of closeness and consolation that we seek to carry out with so much love, attention and listening.

We have always taken care of the linen of the church and we are ready for the decoration of the liturgical environment.

We are Sisters but, as Pope Francis said, we are also women and mothers ready to listen and help according to our abilities, the proposals that are requested from time to time. Let us make our life a gift to God and to our neighbour.