Poirino-Stemma.png Comunit√† di poirino

The Amaretti Institute, in Poirino, has a long history. In 1866, the priest Emanuele Amaretti succeeded, by Divine Providence, in realizing his lively desire to open in his native country a Kindergarten and a Girls’ Elementary School. The Priest Amaretti, a connoisseur of Rosmini and his pedagogy, wanted to entrust, from the beginning, the management of the School to the Rosminian Sisters Teachers. In 1927 the Amaretti Institute obtained the Equalization of the Elementary School.

Our presence in Poirino has been continuous to this day, both in the Amaretti Institute and in the Parish collaborating in pastoral care: catechesis and oratory. How many Sisters have passed! and how much good sown in the hearts of the students and families of Poirino! For some years the Amaretti Institute has been directed and lay teachers, except for the Sister teacher of religion in the Primary School; this is because in recent decades the Rosminian Community has decreased in number, due to lack of Sisters, and now it is composed of only three Sisters: Sr. Agostina, superior, gives help to teachers in the Kindergarten in support of some children with difficulties;  Sr. Maria Mercede, religion teacher in primary school;  Sr. Carolina, assistant in the pre-school, provides other small services for good order in the school. Precious is the presence of the volunteer ladies who, in turn, donate their time in the concierge or in the service at the children’s canteen.

Our presence is also in the parish in catechesis and as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist in parish Masses, at the Geriatric and at the elderly sick.

In the parish for many years there has been a group of Ascribed and Rosminian Friends: they are people committed to living our Spirituality, who meet monthly with the Sister who follows them to reflect on the aid proposed by the Institute for the ongoing formation of the Rosminian Family, as well as with the parish priest, who knows the writings and spirituality of Rosminian,  for reading and reflection on a book written by Blessed Rosmini.