The life of the Community of Via Aurelia, 773, in Rome began more than 40 years ago; in these years it has been transformed into its presence and mission in the territory.


Through community life, the sisters, witnessing to an evangelical lifestyle, share with the people who daily encounter Rosminian spirituality and offer their apostolic service to the realities of the contemporary world with support in prayer, animation and human and social formation.


La Comunità è aperta a condividere, oltre la propria mensa, anche momenti di preghiera, di The Community is open to sharing, in addition to its own table, also moments of prayer, discernment and relaxation with relatives and friends.

Le attività svolte attualmente dalla Comunità includono la collaborazione nel Collegio Missionario a Porta The activities currently carried out by the Community include collaboration in the Missionary College at Porta Latina, in the educational activities of the school, in the service of educator at the Family Home, in animation in prisons, in catechesis in the Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes.


Sir, i’m sorry. Claudina the Latin Gate

I too – Sister Claudina – am part of the Generalate, in Via Aurelia, 773, Rome, where I go every week for the day of the community meeting and to live with the sisters some festivities of the liturgical year.

They are in the International Missionary House of the Fathers in Porta Latina where the future priests of the various missions are being prepared and to which some communities of Italy are connected: Sicily, Rome -San Carlo and the parish ‘Holy Spirit’ – and Montecompatri.

At Porta Latina there are priests of different nationalities; currently Scholastics from Africa, India, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, and Italians.

My work: I try to carry on the work that Sister M. Clara has done for “46 years“… that is, work of lingeria, washing, ironing the tablecloths of the altar of the Basilica, the Gowns of the Priests, of the Scholastics, rearranging the Sacred vestments. What is asked of me, if I can do it, becomes a joy for me: in this way I can contribute to the formation of the young Rosminians and of the whole Church.