Stresa-Stemma.png COMMUNITY OF STRESA 


STRESA – VB-    Arca Pacis – Via Manzoni, 4 – 28838 –

On the shores of Lake Maggiore, Blessed Rosmni spent many years of his life surrounded by faithful friends, visited by influential and well-known personalities of his time.

Our house is located a short distance from the International Center for Rosminian Studies, where you can visit the Museum and the rooms of the last home of the Blessed, and from the Sanctuary of the SS Crucifix with his tomb.

Sentinels in the presence of the Blessed, we testify to the faithfulness of His daughters.

Chi suona alla nostra porta si trova davanti la scritta Arca Pacis, cioè luogo di pace. Pace che si respira subito, percorrendo il lungo vWhoever rings at our door is in front of the inscription Arca Pacis, that is, a place of peace. Peace that you can breathe immediately, along the long avenue of the large park, which surrounds the villa. This, dressed in pink, stands majestically and at the same time modest, as a promise of inner tranquility. The presence of only four nuns also creates a silent and calm atmosphere inside, which rests the soul.


The house has a glorious past since 1939, the year in which it was purchased by the Rosminian Sisters. Detached section of the School and College of Borgomanero, for several decades it has been at the center of cultural, formative and spiritual initiatives as well as a holiday place in the summer.

It is natural to ask: “But what are four nuns doing to us, already aged and from seventy upwards?”. Here is the answer: with the exception of sr. Ausilia Franca Bucchi, who teaches Religion in the “Materna Ostini” School, we do not carry out a specific activity.

Our life is mainly made up of community and personal prayer, of caring for the house to make it welcoming to guests, of collaboration with the parish for catechesis and other possible requests.

Our desire is to be a ROSMINIAN COMMUNITY OF PRESENCE, committed to living the charism through simple and daily contacts with the people we meet at home and outside.

From the photos you can understand that the Arca Pacis is designed to accommodate individuals or small groups, who wish to spend a few days of silence and prayer. Here the Lord awaits you with his unpredictable surprises.