intra-Stemma.png INTRA COMMUNITY

Scuola dell’infanzia e scuola primaria – Via dei Ceretti,1 – 28921 Verbania Intra (VB)

Suore della Provvidenza Rosminiane – Via Plana, 4 – 28925 Verbania Suna (VB)

In Intra, there are three of us: sr. Carmen, Sr. Annaluisa and sr. Ave, all occupied in the Primary School of Via dei Ceretti.

The day is lived in the School, continuing the educational work in favor of our students, 120 in primary and 60 in childhood.

Our activity also sees us present in catechesis, in the Oratory and in the animation of the Holy Mass at the S. Rocco nursing home.

We are a pinch of yeast (hopefully good) that makes the mass ferment , in fact we have teachers and collaborators who help and support us.

Since November 13, 2015 we have moved to Suna, a hamlet near Intra. We let ourselves be carried away by the voice of the Superiors, who instructed us to find a more suitable environment for us, less tiring to keep in order and less expensive to heat. Providence offered us an apartment in the Parish of Suna.

Our house enjoys a splendid position with the terrace overlooking the lake.

We are commuters, like so many workers, among the people. Are these also the peripheries indicated by Pope Francis?

We must say that we feel good, we have found welcoming, hospitable people, who have opened doors and hearts to us. With them we share moments of prayer, celebration and fraternity.

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