The communities of Kwediboma are two that cure:

–       “Kwediboma Health Centre” – ospedale

–       “Antonio Rosmini Children’s centre – orfanotrofio

– Primary school until the seventh year

– The farm

The Mountain of God and mission

From year to year many changes take place and the whole mission is expanded.

You can see the house of the nuns, the building for the reception of guests, the laundry kitchen area and new departments in the hospital, the cisterns for the collection of rainwater, which in this area is very precious.

 “Betania” has been inaugurated, the structure dedicated to boarding school for children who live far away. The School has also expanded. primary school now has classes up to 7 years.  A building is also under construction that will house the kitchen and the refectory.

The hospital has expanded both as an inpatient room and as a medical service room.

Flourishing in their productions are the stables where the nuns milk the cows and the vegetable garden.


Sister Agata accompanies us to see the news of the hospital area:

the Radiology Room, the Emergency Room, the Operating Room, the X-ray rooms


In the morning, Sister Lilia accompanies us to visit the dormitories of orphaned children and children who attend the primary school run by Sister Demetria and the kindergarten followed by Sister Lilia. Not all children are orphans. Their parents, paying a fee, have the opportunity to make them study well. In fact, the problem in Tanzania is that public schools are few and it happens that a single teacher has even 150 students! Then we visit the refectory, the water tanks, the stables where the nuns milk the cows and the vegetable garden. With Sister Alberta we go to see the hospital. In the middle of nowhere it is an unthinkable reality. Women can give birth without the risk of dying just because the baby is breech. In fact, caesarean section is practiced in an operating room that is finally active thanks to the contributions that come from various supporters. There is a department for malaria patients, clinics for withdrawals, a machine for doing ultrasounds. With us, all this is taken for granted but believe me, in the midst of red earth and banana plants, it is a miracle. It immediately occurs to me that man can do great works without going to ruin. It would be enough for everyone, in their daily life, to do what they can for others. Sister Lilia and Sister Alberta are no longer young, they are about thirty years older than me, but I assure you that in the face of their strength, their courage, I am the oldest. They will never be old because they have an extra gear that can only come from a non-earthly dimension.

We immediately want to go back next year with our children aged 9 and 13 because we are sure that they can learn more there in a month than in a year of school. The kids are great. That day is a holiday and therefore they are not at school but play in the yard while the older ones wash, clean or do small chores. I visit the empty classrooms, peek at their notebooks, look at the blackboards… How I wish that after these precious years there was a tomorrow assured for them, with small carpentry or tailoring workshops or modern farms and schools with masters. A future for these little ones who run to meet you to be taken in your arms. Everyone has a heavy story behind them. Who was burned by his mother gone mad, who saw his father kill his mother… Here, finally, they are all called Joy by Sister Lilia who probably manages to make them feel welcomed and loved as only children. There is a Guest House and I invite, if you feel like it, to take a leap and see that all this is not a dream but reality. The world could start again from Kwediboma. Thanks to the Rosminian Sisters for their work