Lettera congiunta October 2020

Lettera congiunta October 2020

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …

Via Aurelia, 773
ROMARome, October 6, 2020

My dear Brethren, Sisters of Providence, Adopted Sons and Daughters,
Ascribed members, Friends, and sympathisers of the Rosminian Family,
The scourge of this viral pandemic continues to affect us and has now reached vast areas of the world, some of them often afflicted by natural disasters and diseases. This situation is bound to challenge our faith, hope, and charity.

We hold our breath as we turn our attention, day after day, several times a day, to receiving further news. We fear for the health of our loved ones, of our brothers and sisters, and of everyone. We live in the hope that effective remedies will soon be found. We are adapting our habits since our times can be compared to the crossing of a stormy sea. And indeed, in recent months we have been crossing a rough sea, with the death caused by the virus of one million people. We are united in the prayer of Pope Francis when, alone in St. Peter’s Square, repeated: ”Lord, save us”.

We can pray in this way, asking to be able to feel the solid rock under our feet, and thus avoiding shipwreck. As we beg the Lord for salvation and healing for all, it is necessary to ask ourselves what we shall have become once we get to the shore. Shall we be frail or strong, disconnected or united, in hiding for fear or ready to be witnesses? Only those who take advantage of the test will find it a help for life. In addition to waiting for the storm to end, we must face it with courage: what will be left will be true virtue and generous charity. Tomorrow’s Rosminian Family will be no different from the one that is going through the test today.
Moreover, it is in the way we live today that will shine forth the prophetic dimension proper to every Christian, but particularly to consecrated persons. The strength of the prophet lies in his awareness that it is God who has called and instructed him to announce that it is time to change decisively for the better, to live in a certain way. The greatest strength lies in the certainty that God’s grace overcomes every obstacle, every storm. With St. Paul, our Fr Founder also reminded us of this. He left for us teachings worthy of great attention, on grace and Providence; he himself practiced them in an exemplary way.

“I advise you, dear Parma (the religious I quoted in my letter on fidelity and perseverance) and I encourage you to put all your trust in the grace of Jesus Christ: here is the one rock on which we can securely build. If you follow this course, then assuredly all will go well with you; you will receive the blessings which will crown with good success the principles which are inspired in you by God” (3 August 1832).
The “principles” coming from the Lord are His grace which enlightens the mind and moves the will.
Grace was the theme offered for reflection during the past year. It was not possible to meet regularly to deepen together a better understanding of it. Nonetheless, the subsidiary leaflets
were sent out, both the monthly ones and other useful advice to help us broaden our personal knowledge and encourage a more fruitful sharing in groups.

We wish you a fruitful journey in all virtues, trusting in the blessing of the Lord, in the help of Mary Most Holy, Mater Divinae Gratiae, strong in her sorrow and our Captain, and in the intercession of our Blessed Father Founder.

Father Vito Nardin

Mother Maria Antonietta Toomey

Superior General I.C. Superior General R.S.P.

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