We are women who made out of their lives a gift of self to God and to the cause of the. We are sisters and we belong to a Congregation of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right.

We live in communities born from a request for help, which have constituted our identity over time since the distant origins.

Antonio Rosmini, assisted by Sister Maria Giovanna Antonietti, grasped the need for spiritual, intellectual, and material education; they supported communities that, belonging to Christ, wished to become witnesses of God’s love for their neighbour.

Born as “Sisters of Providence“, we were soon called Rosminian, named after the Founder.

After about two centuries, the Rosminian charism preserves its freshness intact and regains vitality in the current contexts for the ever-new energies that we find within our communities that regain possession of the charism with ongoing formation, which brings us back to the sources.

We are aware that “following Jesus is the heart of religious life” and the mission is for us today to live the Gospel and the Charism in the availability of heart to any work of charity towards our brothers and sisters, according to God’s will.












Activities and dissemination

We do not have a specific service because our charism is to embody the provident love of the Father. In the different countries in which we are present we dedicate ourselves to the formation of children, adolescents, and young people in schools; we collaborate in pastoral action in parishes, we take care of the elderly, the sick and prisoners.