Maria Camilla Antonietti, the future Sister Maria Giovanna, was born in Baceno (VB) in 1809. He died in Borgomanero (NO) in 1872. He responds to the Lord’s call at the age of 23. Instead of starting her religious life with a regular training course, she was immediately assigned a position of responsibility at the Marquis Barolo, in Turin, to teach and direct the Kindergarten. He faced the difficult situation with much courage, spirit of sacrifice and trust in Providence, obtaining the appreciation of the marquises, despite possessing only rudimentary knowledge of reading and writing, learned in the parish school of his country. The lack of qualifications is filled with uncommon human and spiritual gifts: living intelligence, deep intuition, wisdom and balance. Above all, she reveals herself to be a “woman of God”, shaped by the Holy Spirit, received in newborn Baptism and Confirmation at six months. His constant search was the will of God, which he welcomed in the commands of his superiors and in everyday circumstances.

This maturity does not escape the keen gaze of Antonio Rosmini, who chooses her as the first superior of the nascent Institute.

Sister Maria Giovanna enters into perfect harmony with the great teacher, assimilating his spirituality and applying his directives. In the 35 years of his government he opened numerous houses with adjoining educational works in Piedmont and Lombardy. Her motherhood was a gift for everyone: nuns, children and lay people. Even the last night, still feverish, he spent it whipping to finish the socks of a little girl suffering from chilblains. This last gesture of love seals a life spent generously in the service of God and of our brothers and sisters.