News apertura sito

News apertura sito

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …


Dear Sisters,

Our renewed Website will open on Pentecost Day.You can visit the site:

The link to Facebook Page was open last month: SuoreRosminiane

As was said before, “it is a great pleasure for us to share a wide range of information and in this way, create a living ‘web’ of connection for one another and for the wider world.

The exchange of information can become true communication, links ripen into friendships, and connections facilitate communion. If the networks are called to realize this great potential, the people involved in them must make an effort to be authentic since, in these spaces, it is not only ideas and information that are shared, but ultimately our very selves”. [Benedict XVI]

We thank Sr Pier Antonia and Renato for their on-going work.Some parts of the Website are already accessiblein both languages (English and Italian), others are still in progress.

To contribute to the life of this Website please sendinformation, news, photographs of events andlinks to other websites eg parishes, schools, associations and wherever the Sisters are involved to Sr Pier

To access the Area reserved for members of the Congregation it is necessary to enter ‘register’ and follow instructions.

Greetings for Pentecost, ablaze with the gifts of the Spirit and in particular, remembering the meeting for Peace, initiated by Pope Francis.

With love,





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