Letter Padre Generale communication

Letter Padre Generale communication

United_Kingdom1.pngMy dear Brethren

“I wish to inform you that the work of translation and diffusion of the thought of Fr Founder in the
English speaking world will be carried out from the new home called Rosmini Publications
House. The new centre is in Mansfield, at this address:
Rosmini Publications,
200 Leeming Lane North,
Mansfield Woodhouse,
NG19 9EX
The house in Durham is being sold, and as we thank God for the work carried out from there for
nearly 30 years by the late Frs. Cleary and Watson, we ask for their blessing and protection from
Heaven for the work which is still to be done.
I would like to remind you that the work of Rosmini Publications is of interest both to our small
rosminian world and to the wider English speaking world. I would recommend, therefore, that we
all take advantage of the opportunity to share the knowledge of Fr Founder’s philosophy, theology,
and spirituality in our communities, especially among our younger members, and so to spread this
knowledge throughout the English speaking world.
The work of Rosmini Publications can be followed on the new
website www.rosminipublications.com which will be activated by the 20th February, on the Feast
of the Cell.”
Roma, 24 gennaio 2015 padre Vito Nardin preposito generale


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