Aware that following Jesus is the heart of religious life, living the Gospel and the charism are the imperative of our every day.

Mission is the inspiring principle that articulates and animates the whole style from personal and community life; it gives content to every gesture, word, activity and work; it instills confidence in the future. The meaning of “mission” is deeper and broader than apostolic activities and evangelization: it is not only action, but also passion. In fact, the mission is proper to those who  passionately cross borders, breaking the mold, and reach the human peripheries because they are  driven by the charity of Christ.

Living in community becomes an apostolic requirement for the Mission and requires the ability to open the doors of the heart, of our homes and structure, with concrete gestures of welcome and humanization, of sharing and communion.

Together we desire and propose to be presence in the world, cultivating relationships and reproducing the lifestyle of Jesus: through human promotion that also requires a continuous reading of the signs of the times.

All this requires a permanent formation for the human, vocational and spiritual growth of each one.

We promote mutual help and accept our human frailty in daily life at every level and condition of life, in the specific reality where we are called: in schools, in parishes, among families.