Morogoro is a city in southern  Tanzania. It is located 190 km west of Dar es Salaa.  It is very far from the other Rosminian communities, but it was chosen as the seat of the Novitiate because in it there are many missionary centers that share the formation of their young women.

In particular, the young novices after the first period of formation in Muheza go to Father Riccardo, a Franciscan, who built  large schools in Morogoro. Some Junior Sisters are also resident there to finish the basic school necessary for any diploma and specialization.

In general, girls who begin their journey towards vocational choice enter with only elementary formation.
In Morogoro there are two small houses: one for the novices and one for the juniors with a room and the chapel in common. This differentiation is necessary for the different path of introduction to religious life. The juniors have already expressed the first temporary vows of poverty, chastity, obedience.

To support themselves at least a little and to preserve their love for the earth, they transformed all the corners of the novitiate; the very little land has turned into a vegetable garden with spinach, cabbage, Chinese, peppers … and a hen farm. These young women need to hoe at least an hour a day to recreate themselves. Fortunately, they were able to build their own well with water that never fails.

The responsible formator for the charism is Sr.  Marietha, novice teacher, completed weekly by Father Richard who gives the instruction either biblical or pastoral.

nuovo-16.png novizie

nuovo-17.pngSuor Marietha


Le Juniores con la maestra