Lettera Madre Advent 2018

Lettera Madre Advent 2018

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …

Via Aurelia, 773

My dear Sisters,
Advent is here again! It is more than the beginning of another liturgical year; it is a time of new possibility!
If we live Advent like Mary – in waiting for the Christ-Child, we will be aware of the Presence of Christ ‘who
became man for us’. Last year we were invited ‘to pause in silence to understand a presence’ and in this
certainty to see the world with different eyes.

Now, to explore this ‘possibility’ which is given to us, we consider further: “Let us reflect briefly on the
meaning of this word, (Advent) which can be rendered with “presence”, “arrival” or “coming”. The meaning
of the expression “advent” therefore includes that of visitatio, which simply and specifically means “visit”; in
this case, it is a question of a visit from God: he enters my life and wishes to speak to me. In our daily lives we
all experience having little time for the Lord and also little time for ourselves. We end by being absorbed in
“doing”. At times we get carried away. ..”.

Let us experience intensely the present in which we already receive the gifts of the Lord, let us live it focused
on the future, a future charged with hope. In this manner Christian Advent becomes an opportunity to
reawaken within ourselves the true meaning of waiting, returning to the heart of our faith, which is the
mystery of Christ, the Messiah. (Benedetto XVI, 2009)

We are continually encouraged “to open our horizons” to further dimensions and possibilities, giving meaning
to everyday happenings. Pope Francis invites us to reflect and be mindful that, in this time of Advent, “we
are called to enlarge the horizons of our hearts, to be surprized by the life that is presented to us each day
with its newness.”

“May Our Lady, the Virgin of Advent, help us not to consider ourselves proprietors of our life, not to resist
when the Lord comes to change it, but to be ready to let ourselves be visited by him the awaited and welcome
guest, even if it disturbs our plans”. (Advent 2016)

With these familiar and ever fresh sentiments of St Paul (for this first Sunday of Advent), in which he
encourages the Thessalonians – echoed by Rosmini, to be holy and to please God, I too pray:
“May the Lord increase and enrich your love for each other and for all … And may he so confirm your
hearts in holiness that you may be blameless in the sight of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus
comes … (and) live in a way that pleases God”.
I wish each one of you a new possibility this Advent!
God bless,

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