Lettera Madre 20 february 2020

Lettera Madre 20 february 2020

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …

Via Aurelia, 773

My dear Sisters,
What is significant about the “Feast of the Cell” for the Rosminian family is the historical fact that it marks the anniversary of the birth of the Institute.
What was in the mind and heart of Antonio Rosmini as he began Lent in February 1828, on Monte Calvario?
We can get some insight into his disposition, in trying to understand what the will of God wanted from him, from the numerous letters he wrote in this period, lived in prayer and fasting. Even a few letters written in the first five months are enough for us to understand, since his words speak to us today…
On the evening of Wednesday of Holy Week 1828 he writes:
“I am here on a mountain which, with its solitude and its reminders of the mysteries of the Passion of Christ, seems to me at once a paradise and a place of suffering. This place is well suited to raise our thoughts to eternity, to Christ who dwells there and to his mercy …. May he become our life and our being, so that we shall no longer live in ourselves but in him. Then we shall see how much we need him. How blessed it is to realize our own poverty. Those who have this understanding can be happy only through knowing how entirely they depend on God, how all that they have, all that they are, comes from him”. (EA. Vol 1 lett.41)
From Calvario, he writes to his mother for the first time, revealing his sentiments: «Another thing that makes it dear to be here (and it is the main one), to be on this hill entirely dedicated to the passion of the Lord, with a devout Church in the house and chapels surrounding the Hill with the steps of the Via Crucis; a great quiet, a true solitude”. (EC. vol. II, lett. 805).
Again, we get a further insight into the nature and character of our Bl. Fr Founder: “My own conviction is that what the Lord wants of me is that I should seek nothing, and as far as is in me, should refuse nothing … rather that I should make a total offering of myself to him, without prejudging what his will may be or putting any sort of limit to it; but instead should make myself entirely his slave and servant. How happy should I be if I could totally identify myself with his will!” (EA Vol 1 lett.43)
Still in the solitude of Monte Calvario, a few months later in July 1828, he elaborates further: “At the same time, God forbid that I should put obstacles in the way of anything that divine Providence may have in mind for me, since God can easily do through me, as through anyone else, what I alone am unable to do. He has the power to raise up children to Abraham from the very stones, and every word of his is creative. This is the reason why for many years now I have made it my rule of conduct to live in him, never to undertake anything of myself, but rather to obey any indication the Lord gives to direct my actions. (EA. Vol 1 lett.47)
The Institute to which we belong stretches back through time, with a sure foundation, born on Monte Calvario. Through the example and inspiration of Bl Antonio Rosmini, we can pray, with him: “God forbid that I should put obstacles in the way of anything that divine Providence may have in mind for me …”; in this way we can do our part, with Providence guiding us forward, for the greater glory of God.
With great joy, we welcome 10 Aspirants who will become postulants on this day in Muheza and ask God to bless them in the offering of themselves to him.
Happy Feast of the Cell to each one and a good journey of Lent
God bless, with love,

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