Lettera Madre September 2020

Lettera Madre September 2020

United_Kingdom1.png My dear Sisters …

Via Aurelia, 773

 Feast of Our Lady Sorrows 2020
My dear Sisters,
It is not surprising to find that on the walls of the ‘birth room’ of Antonio Rosmini, there are some religious-themed paintings, including – above the bed – a “Madonna Addolorata” by the painter Giuseppe Craffonara (dated 1835), commissioned by Antonio himself as a loving tribute to his mother Giovanna.
In fact, after his own mother, the Madonna Addolorata held a unique and significant place in his heart.
“Rosmini’s mysticism of the Cross led him to a deep devotion to the woman who stands at the foot of the Cross, Maria Addolorata.
In Mary, he found one who was wounded by sorrow but wounded
also by love, one who could both weep and rejoice with her Son, and who would teach the Church to do the same. From Mary, Rosmini learnt the meaning of the mysterious words, which he spoke on his deathbed: “Adore, be silent, rejoice”. May she who is the Mother of Sorrows and Mother of all our joys lead the sons and daughters of Antonio Rosmini now and always into the silence of adoration, where the peace of Easter reigns and the mind and heart find rest…” (John Paul 11, 1998)
On the Friday preceding Palm Sunday 2020, Pope Francis dedicated the homily to the Virgin of Sorrows. He said: “Today it will do us good to stop a little and think about the pains of Our Lady and to thank her for having accepted to be a Mother. This is the title she received from Jesus. She received the gift of being his mother and to accompany him as a mother and to be our mother”. Then he added: “It is good for me, late in the evening, when I pray the Angelus, to pray these seven sorrows as a remembrance of the Mother of the Church, how the Mother of the Church gave birth to us all with so much pain”.
Pope Francis took up an ancient tradition, which wanted to remember Our Lady of Sorrows, on this day and place her in the events of the Passion of Christ, emphasizing her role as Mother at the foot of the cross. Her pain was about to reach a climax, as her only Son, the one she had cared for since birth, would be condemned and hung on a cross. She would have followed him and looked after him until his last breath…
United with you, dear Sisters, at this time, when humanity is facing major global challenges, let us pray for collaboration among governments, for the improvement of the human condition, for the good of all peoples. We ask Our Lady of Sorrows, united with her Risen Son, to transform every human sorrow into the fullness of joy: may this day be a means of blessing for all in their present anxiety.
“Can one find a more consoling thought, in the midst of the disappointments and crosses of this sorrowful life, than it is to think how Mary’s motherhood towards us was proclaimed in the midst of pain? Indeed, it is in our pain that the tenderness of this most loving Mother of ours finds a greater field, and is, I would almost say, her realm. Ah, let us then dedicate ourselves to this gracious and loving consoler! Let us always put ourselves into her hands where we fear nothing anymore: happy are those who truly do this!” (Rosmini, Spiritual Calendar)
Happy Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows to all!
We remember in particular the Sisters in the Casa dell’Addolorata and the District Our Lady of Sorrows.
God bless, with love,

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