Editoriale Giornalino n11

Editoriale Giornalino n11



On the 1st day of last June in the Basilica of Porta Latina in Rome, took place a day of study and remembrance of father Giuseppe Bozzetti in the 60eth anniversary of his death. The interventions and relations programmed in the first session, presented him as a man of God, a saint, a teacher of thought, a philosophical poet, an interpreter and communicator of Antonio Rosmini. He was a multi -face personality of high level. Of course professor Mercadante, who personally knew Bozzetti and keeps precious secrets of his holiness, asked this question:”Why did we come to lose him?”Yes because after his death in 1956,nobody talked about him or rarely did. A preliminary remark for which he’s today a famous unknown. It is the proof that at the meeting about thirty experts and a group of Rosminian men and women were present in the morning, and about half in the afternoon. In many relations the heart of his thought came out: the individual. After discovering in Rosmini the existence of the human being this becomes his main battle. At first as a personal research, to contradict the positivist belief and to fertilize the culture of his time. One of his pupils, Giuseppe Capograssi, in a simple way explains the meaning of this definition. The person adds to himself all the rights we can synthesize like this:”the right to the truth, that is the right to know the individual; the right to the virtue, that is the right to love the whole being; the right to happiness, that is the right to enjoy the fullness of being”. Another pupil and spiritual son, professor Federico Sciacca, says of him:”He who always was Teacher for us, now he is more than ever. He lived edifying himself and edifying the neighbour, he died in this edification. His writings, very appreciated, go from the asceticism to the literature, from the apologetics, to the policy. He gives the measure of his ductile and clear genius in his writings of philosophy, committed to clarify, specify and deepen the thought of his(and our) Antonio Rosmini. His apostolate among the intellectuals was of great effectiveness, his prestige enormous. He established himself only with his presence: his person suggested esteem and respect, admiration and love, trust and confidence. And he established himself as a true Christian ”charitas establishes itself: so, without an opinion, protecting himself with sincere modesty, followed by an innocent smile, virginal goodness, unarmed as love. Always moderate and sensible, always ready to see the good side of things. A lot of people, in Italy and abroad called him ”Rosmini is living: He completely respected man, his secrets and his privacy: His love was shy and bashful owed to the true love of the other. It was his great secret, for those who could meet him in their lives, we trusted

him with a certain hope, an infallible gentle help. He not only gave but could do it. It’s interesting

his distinction between person and personality:”the person shows the man in his first essential act. When you sat personality you look at his development, at the merit won by the person(and he can lose it too)carrying out his original abilities, developing his experience, with the characteristic of

the conscience and freedom”. It ‘s not easy to synthesize all that was spoken about him in this day. In

short we can say that the various speeches drew an all-round surface, that merits a deepening, because Bozzetti turned out a mine to dig, to unearth his great hidden wealth. When he was 77 years old, after preparing and leading with Sciacca the century-old celebrations of the death of A.Rosmini, Father Bozzetti felt the weight of a great tiredness that he confided to his young friend. That moment

is stopped by Sciacca with this picture:”His sweet smile in closed lips:”Now I can leave” And he went away discreetly as he lived”. That bright smile remained in the heart of those who knew him and the Bishop of Novara Mons.Gilla Vincenzo Gremigni paints it with realism:”a smile that ,always didn’t leave his face and shone in his lively eyes”