In the community we experience the mystery, an inexhaustible reality, not incomprehensible!

We are called and choose to grow together and communicate with serenity that life depends on God.

THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD: the whole Institute does not lean on human solidity but on the Providence of  the heavenly Father  who is to be praised both in building it and in destroying it … If we consider that “a thousand years, in your eyes, are like yesterday’s day and that the kingdom of God does not come visibly” we will never doubt, whatever happens, that the Father’s promise remains faithful.

THE GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: The members of this Institute do not intend to act in the order of nature as the children of the world, but by the grace of their Savior and as children of light they willingly desire to accomplish the things that best suit the glory and service of God. They will feel this only to be necessary for them: to take advantage of God’s mercy and his grace, and through it and the resulting virtues to be united to God as instruments and to be used by the hand of God.

JUSTICE: In the Bible the just and whole man always walks with God, is called blessed, promotes order, harmony, well-being, peace of all.  He is the saint.

Therefore, let each one walk perfectly before God and truly desire to make himself clean from every stain.  May the just continue to practice righteousness (Rev. 22:11).  There must be no end to purification.

GOD’S LOVE: Therefore in all our works of charity we must have before our eyes God the Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ, in him alone our attention and affection must be brought, nor must we stop and rest in any other thing or person. May god’s love therefore be the only source of all the worries and efforts in which the members of this Institute find themselves. All this, however, does not hinder good natural movements , such as those of compassion. They offer excellent help to man to exercise charity.