Editoriale Giornalino n2

Editoriale Giornalino n2


The first formation leaflets of the Rosminian Family were sent almost ten years ago. Do we still remember why they were born? They were thought and proposed soon after AGIR 2003 (the Rosminian Family Assembly). In fact we read in the Final document: “We the members of the Rosminian family are conscious of the responsibility of forming ourselves and those whom we serve in our Apostolates. We will do this according to the richness of the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Church and the thought and spirituality of Father Founder.”

The formation leaflets were sent for the first time in the pastoral year 2004-2005 and I was asked to collaborate in drawing them up. Other persons carried on this task for some years, then I was entrusted with this job again.

Since it is usual to make a periodical evaluation of every activity, I carefully thought this experience over. This is because it is an experience that touches not only myself but, more or less, all the people who receive the leaflets: individuals, our communities and the ‘Rosminian’ groups who vary in the different parts of the world. In fact these gatherings are formed by Fathers, Sisters and Ascribed members where it is possible, but in some places these members meet in diversified ways and in other areas Ascribed members themselves carry on the task to nourish their Rosminian identity and belonging. This happens both in Italy and abroad, as in the case of New Zealand, where they meet Rosminian Fathers only occasionally.

I must say that preparing the leaflets was, and still is, a very enriching experience for me. Not only because it is an opportunity to deepen an understanding of the documents of the Church and the writings of Father Founder, but also because it made, and always puts me in touch with many people, scattered in every part of the Rosminian world.

Now I know groups, especially of Ascribed, who write to me about their formation programmes and expectations, about the joy they feel when they gather. In their emails I can see their loveliness and their desire to keep the Rosminian spiritual heritage alive because it enriches and supports their personal and family life. Some do this by themselves and with great dedication, because they consider Rosminian   spirituality a precious and valuable gift. Others speak of their impossibility to meet because of the difficulty caused by their age. Also in this case, however, they find the way to get in touch with the other members of the group, and the formation leaflets play a very good part in reaching this goal.

I also have the possibility to know persons who wish to share their joy or their sorrow, or simply some moments of friendship. Some of them sometimes ask for prayers for their elderly or seriously ill dear ones, or for particular situations.

All those messages made me know the realities that make the Rosminian Family a living body, rich in its members, who desire to grow in their mutual knowledge and reciprocal love, a love open to universality, which Blessed A. Rosmini always longed for.

Thanks to all the contacts I had over the last years, and especially during the last months when I received questions, inquiries and solicitations because of the delay in sending the leaflets, I could realise that these simple leaflets are now considered by many Rosminian realities as a friendly and wished for presence; as a simple and familiar guide and a special thread that links all of us in a common reflection, sharing and fulfilment of good.The theme that unites us this year is “Our vocation”. It is an invitation to go back to the initial spark that produced the desire for the Infinite in our heart and put us on the way towards Christ, following in Rosmini’s footsteps.

This content is also an anticipation that gradually accompanies us, Rosminian sisters, towards the Year of Vocations announced by Carissima Madre which will begin on the 25th March.

Christian and Rosminian vocation, religious and lay vocation. Each one will consider it from his/her own point of view. Once again, many different trickles will spring from the same source.   Each of them will be characterised by its own religious and cultural tradition, by different personal, community and family experiences. They are little and great realities that continuously grow and nourish the vitality and richness not only of our Rosminian Family, but also of each one of us since, as Father Founder wrote, “in this holy, intimate union the spiritual goods of each belong to all”.