We walk as evangelical women sensitive to the signs of the times and, at the same time, capable of opposing the current culture, in the sense of being women who live the Gospel in the heart of the Church.

The light of faith that we receive from the saints, for us from Blessed Rosmini and Mother Giovanna is before us: it is the light of the Risen Christ that attracts us.

In this light we walk without fear, because we are certain that “God will show us what we must do; how much, and how, and in what time, and place it will want. Then we will do intelligently what we will do: because God will have shed the light before us, and we will do nothing more by ourselves, but God will do everything in us“.

We walk towards the future with “all that we can have and have … because  not only the present but also the future enters the whole”. When we accept God’s times and rely completely on him, we learn to live in hope and enjoy our lives, experiencing profound peace and happiness, because we know that by entrusting our “everything” to him, his plan for our life is realized.

We are open to revitalizing our charism and mission in the service of God and his people, open to something new that is emerging. We realize that the challenges of our time are opportunities offered to us to concretely live abandonment to Providence, consecration to Jesus Crucified and his Sorrowful Mother, total dedication to His Church.